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Short on space

19:37 13 October in Kitchen and Bathroom Ideas

Make the most of the space in your kitchen 

5th April 2016

If you only have a small area in which to design your new kitchen you will need to be inventive with the space.  To make sure you can fit all the normal kitchen gadgets into this space you just needs some clever thinking.

Here are just a few things you can do to make the most of every inch of space when you install your new kitchen.

Using Corners effectively.  You can avoid wasting space in corner cupboards with a carousel. There are different types, pull out, spinning and other options which enable the space to be maximised and organises daily items in an easy to reach way. Your kitchen designer can help with this.

Multi use items’.  Some kitchen items can be used for two purposes. Chopping boards that fit over the sink drainers, this will give extra work surface when you don’t need the use of the sink.

Go up to the Kitchen ceiling with your installation. Most of us have things we don’t use very often but still need to store, so why not consider going up to the ceiling with your kitchen cabinets.  This will free up more space lower down for everyday items. Try to choose light colours for your doors as this will promote a feeling of space and light in the kitchen. The purchase of a folding step will help in retrieving those higher items.

Hang it. By being creative but not going overboard and cluttering the space, you can save worktop and drawer space by hanging some things up. For instance, a rail for hanging utensils, hooks underneath shelves for hanging mugs and put pots and pans on a shelf over or near the cooker. Even using a magnetic knife rack on the wall will create more space in your draws.

Use the cupboard space wisely. Be prepared to think about increasing the capacity of usable space in your standard kitchen cupboard. Firstly it can be done by using the inside of the door for spice racks or shallow wire racks, secondly, use shelf inserts at the back of the cupboard which makes the most of the height of the cupboard capacity. This can be very effective.

For more help creating a kitchen that works for you, from utilising storage space to creating stunning aesthetics, contact us. at mint INTERIORS we have many years experience in supplying and fitting kitchens, at mint INTERIOR we know what works and what doesn’t –  enabling us to provide friendly expert advice and tips on your new Kitchen Installation