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Bathrooms! Things to consider.

Bathrooms! Things to consider.

20:25 23 April in Kitchen and Bathroom Ideas

SPRING is here and thoughts turn to freshening up our home.

Why not treat yourself and have a new bathroom installed!

When you are planning a new bathroom spend some time looking for ideas and make key decisions.

mint INTERIORS offer a free consultation were we can go through your ideas and come up with the right solutions for you.

Are you looking to do the main bathroom, en-suite or under stairs cloakroom? There are a multitude of designs which will give inspiration and practical options.

It is important to set a budget! A full bathroom fit and install can become expensive if you don’t set a budget to work to.

Some other things to consider:

  • Flooring – Ceramic or porcelain tile? Laminate or vinyl?
  • A bath, a shower or both?
  • Storage for towels, shower gels and cleaning products etc.
  • Extractor fan! Steam build up causes mould.
  • Lighting – you will need waterproof lighting.

In our modern homes we are always looking for ways to reduce clutter and optimise space. The bathroom is no exception.

Bathroom cabinets come in many different designs and sizes. Under sink or wall units are a great way to store items away and make a great addition to your room.

Are you fed up of mirrors steaming up? You could consider a heated mirror to prevent this happening. At mint INTERIORS we have many suppliers who can provide you with all the accessories you may require.

As the bathroom has moved away from pure function it has become a living zone. Comfort, cleanliness and relaxation are very important. Maximising the space available helps promote a calm, happy and stylish area.


Ask us at mint INTERIORS for advise on choosing and installing all your requirements.